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Car hire at Sofia Airport

rental cars are available at Sofia Airport   Recently renovated, brand new and very modern Sofia Airport is the biggest airport in    Bulgaria, followed by Varna Airport and Burgas Airport. It has two terminals asnd Terminal II is the new one. Mostly Terminal I is used for internal country flights, but also low cost companies land to it. From Sofia Airport you can flight to almost all European community countries as for most of them flights are available 7days / week. For your convenience in the welcome hall, just after you pass the passport control are located a various number of rental car companies desks. Most of them represents an international franchisee, but you can also compare their rates with the local car rental companies. Also if you do not  wish to hire a car there are another three options for alternative Car hire sofia airporttransportation - order a transfer to desired location from car rental company, get a taxi, just behind the corner or use public transportation. Car rental desks are located in the welcome hall at Sofia Airport. There is No Hotel or accommodation services available at Sofia Airport yet, so make you sure you will not get there too early, otherwise prepare yourself to spend the whole time in the welcome hall.
If you intend to travel in the country, to visit Bansko, the sea side and etc. especially during the high summer season, we recommend you to book your car in advance and save you time searching for better deal in the welcome hall.

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