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Mini class rental cars in Bulgaria

mini class rental cars Ford KaTypical tourist car - most requested during the high summer season. All vehicles in mini class are very small and economy and provide room enough for 2 - 3 passengers. There is no space to fit more than 1suitcase. The car class is perfect for city and / or resort drive, but it will not make your journey comfortable if longer than 100 km. Engine is small and vary between 900 - 1300cc. Usually , but not always, this car rental class has no Air Conditioner. Please check all car options / extras before you book it. Different car rental companies offer wide range of makes / models with or without A/C, manual or automatic transmission and etc. Set your dates and pick up location and browse search results to book  your mini class rental car in Bulgaria.
Our mini class rental cars selection is presented by: Ford Ka, Fiat Punto - 3 doors, Ford Fiesta - 3 doors, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C2.

mini class rental cars Fiat Punto 3 doors mini class rental cars Ford Fiesta with 3 doors

mini class rental cars toyota aygo with 3 doorsmini class rental cars Citroen C2 with 3 doors