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Car hire at Varna Airport

Car hire at Varna Airport
Varna Airport is one of the biggest airports in Bulgaria . It is located at the north east Bulgarian Black Sea coast, just 8 km away from Varna and offers regular direct flight connections to 18 destinations from 12 countries during the summer season. From Varna Airport you can flight to UK, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Moldova and Switzerland as the flights to London and Vienna are available 7 days/week. 
Recently renewed and extended, now Varna Airport has a brand new VIP hall designed to satisfy persons of high standing, such as sheikhs from various Arab Emirates, princes, presidents, prime ministers from around the world, international pop and rock legends, world champions in Formula 1 with its warm look, clean and elegant style, colors full with freshness and giving good mood. At your convenience you can spend some time shopping wonderful presents in the shopping area located at Varna Aiport.
 Also, for those who intend to hire cars during their stay in Bulgaria are available rental car desks of all International franchisee, as a few local companies.Varna Airport car hire Varna Airport has a strategic position which guarantees a good amount of charter passenger traffic during the summer season and makes it a reliable partner for development of regular lines.
The potential of Varna Airport has a strong effect on the development of transport networks, tourism and trade between partners from East and West.
Varna Airport is the nearest Airport to the north Black Sea resorts Albena, Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Elena and if your holiday is booked of one of these resorts the best option is to land at Varna Airport.