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Useful information for travellers to Bulgaria

For those who intend to visit Bulgaria and hire a car it may be useful to know that:
1. The traffic in Bulgaria is organized under Left-Hand Drive (LHD) rules and visitors from UK, Australia and other Right Hand Drive countries may experience some difficulties and confusions while drive in the country.
Speed limits in Bulgaria2. Speed limits are as follow:
City limits -50 km/h
First class roads - 90 km/h
Hight way limits - 130 km/h
3. Speed cameras are in operation - drive careful and within speed limits to avoid penalties.
4. Driving under alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited. No matter what is the alcohol concentration, even after having only one beer it is illegal to drive !
5. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
6. Baby seat / booster is mandatory to any child in the vehicle. If you rent a car better request a baby seat / booster from your car rental supplier.
7. During the winter, between 01 November to 01 March front lights must be turned on, no matter what part of the day it is.
Roads are not in perfect conditions, except the new parts of Trakia Highway which is 220 km long and ends at Stara Zagora. During the high summer season the first class road from Stara Zagora to Burgas is very busy and takes another 2,5 hour to arrive in Burgas.
If your Bulgaria trip starts at Sofia Airport we highly recommend you to book your car in advance over the net, using our services or another web-site. As we all know booking in advance returns the best price quote and also guarantees car availability. Of course, if you prefer to rent upon your arrival there are over 10 car rental desks located in the welcome hall of Sofia Aiport .
Travelers / citizens from EC do not need visa to enter the country. To check LIST OF PROHIBITED ARTICLES FOR CARRIAGE click here.
Sofia Airport flights information numbers are : (+3592) 937-2211 /12 /13;
If you enter Bulgaria from Varna Airport car rental desks are also available in the welcome hall. Varna Airport flights information number is +359 52 573 323.
If you land at Burgas Airport car rental desks are located not only in the welcome hall, but also outside of the terminal.
Burgas Airport flights information numbers are: Departure : +359 56 870 248; and Arrivals : +359 56 870 272;