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Burgas is the second largest town at Bulgarian Seaside. This town is located in the westernmost part of the Bay of Burgas. During the summer the city is one of the most visited in Bulgaria sea side by local and foreign tourists. Bourgas is a beautiful city with modern architecture.There are three beautiful lakes – lagoons formed at this part of the country, because of the very low waterside. These are the Atanasovsko Lake, The Burgas Lake and the Mandrensko Lake.
Burgas is an economic, cultural and administrative centre for the whole South-eastern part of Bulgaria. If you plan to travel to Burgas you will probably land at the Airport of Burgas which is very important for the traffic of tourists and also the harbor here has the biggest turnover of goods in Bulgaria. From Bourgas Airport you can hire a car and travel north to Varna or to the southest point  of Bulgaria Black sea side - Sinemoretz.  Also in Burgas is located the biggest refinery for the whole Balkans. 
Burgas Sea GardenThe town has a very beautiful garden called the Burgas Sea Garden, which is located on a high shore and is strewed with a lot of trees, sculptures and flower beds. The Summer Theater is situated in this Garden. Every year the International Folklore Festival is organized here and a part of the participants are the musicians from the Gold Orphey Festival. There are variety of Festivals and Holidays in Burgas, such as: The International Festival of the Child’s Chorus, The Festival of the opera and the classic music, which lasts up to three weeks, The International Festival of Folklore, The International Festival for pop and Jazz music, called “the Burgas and the Sea”, the International tournament for ballroom dances and many others. Not very far from Burgas is located the ancient city of Nessebar, which is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The cathedral “St.St. Kiril and Metodii” is very important for the town. This is a very interesting monument with a lot of frescos and wooden altar and the Armenian Church, built in 1855 by the local Armenian minority and Bulgarian people. Other interesting buildings in Burgas are: the Museum of History (1925), the Art Gallery (1945), the Ethnographic Museum, the Opera, the Drama Theater and others. St. St. Kiril i Metodii church
Close to Burgas are located very attractive places for tourism – the Sunny Beach Resort, Nessebar, Sozopol, Elenite Resort, Dunes and many other resort, famous with brilliant beaches and crystal clear sea!