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Frequently asked questions for car hire in Bulgaria

1. What is the minimum rental term?
The minimum rental term is 24 hours.

2. Can I rent for a couple of hours only?
Yes, you can , but you will still need to pay a full rental day.

3. When do i pay?
In order to safe your money, we separated the " Total Rental Cost " on 2 parts: " Deposit To Pay Now " and " Total Upon Arriving ".
During the booking process we request only a small amount of your rental cost (Deposit To Pay Now). The rest for the car rental (Total Upon Arriving) you will pay at car rental desk upon your arrival in the country.

4. When is my credit card being charged?
We will charge your credit card with the deposit amount when we send you a confirmation e-mail for car availability. If we fail to provide you with vehicle, NO deposit amount will be charged.

5. I have no credit card ..
Unfortunately, we are not able to proceed with your reservation request until we successfully guarantee the car reservation request with the deposit amount.

6. What is included in the rates?
All rates are inclusive of: Mandatory insurances (CDW, TW, Third parties Insurance), Local VAT, Unlimited milleage, Airport Fees, Vignette.

7. I have a bad experience with an online car rental agency with my  Bulgaria car rental reservation.. The local supplier requested additional payment for taxes and fees and I recieved no support from the web-site I booked the car.
This can not happens with us. First, we invited only providers we know very well and we can trust to. Also, we add all mandatory fees to the " Total Rental Cost " , so the price you see is not netto of mandatories. Of course, if you do not order on-line some extra (additional driver, baby seat, navigation and etc.), and request it at car rental desk - it will not be included in the " Total Rental Cost ". After all we would not safe money or resources to solve a problem or misunderstanding. We are taking responsibility and guaranty of the rates.

8. Do I need to deposit (guarantee) for the rented vehicle?
Yes, most of our suppliers request a deposit (guarantee) for the rented vehicle. This can be arranged by credit card authorization or deposit cash. Please read careful the " Terms and Conditions " for selected vehicle to find out what would be the deposit amount and the way it can be arranged.

9. What insurances are included in the rates?
All rates are inclusive of basic insurances. This means that in case of accident and / or damage you are responsible for the rented car up to the value of the deposit amount. The rest is covered by the insurance. Some suppliers offer an extra insurance which reduces your responsibility down to " 0 " EUR.