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Rental cars models / makes / class in Bulgaria

Our main goal is to satisfy all customers and offer wide range of rental cars models /  types and classes. Each of ours providers operates in different cities in Bulgaria and rents different models. Depending on your city search criteria you will be able to choose between all available rental cars models.
Basically, all rental cars are separated in classes / groups as follow:

rental cars models

Mini class rental cars

with 2 doors, small city car suitable for city or resorts drive. 

Economy class rental cars

with 2 or 4 doors, small city car suitable for city or resort drive.

Compact class rental cars

with 2 or 4 doors, compact car suitable for city and highway drive.

Intermediate class rental cars

perfect for business or leisure travel, provides more space for passengers and luggage than above classes.

Full size class rental cars

good for a long road trip, provides enough space for 5 passengers.

Premium class rental cars

more comfortable for passengers and more space for luggage. Perfect choice for a long road trip.

Luxury class rental cars

Great choice - great features. Enjoy them ! Each car in this class guarantees a pleasant trip.

4 wheel drive / 4x4 class rental cars

very good choice for mountain travellers and for the hard winter conditions in Bulgaria.

Minivan class rental cars

perfect car for family business trip. Provides enough space for passengers and luggage. The number of passengers vary up to 9 passengers depending on the minivan model.

Station Wagon / Estate car class rental cars

Over luggage? Do not worry about your luggage - this class is dedicated to provide you with enough space for your luggage.